Watchman Catholic Renewal Charismatic Renewal Movement, Jos Diocese started as a gathering of five persons in April 1986. The first place they meet was at Angwan kere beside Osumenyi Street adjacent Fatima Cathederal. It was a gathering of two men and three women, who brought the church here as they came on a visit to Jos from kano. She moved from Angwan kere, to St. Theresa’s primary school, from there to 28 zaria Crescent all in the city of Jos.


Brethren were sent weekly from kano to run the affairs of the church in Jos. Principle amongs them were Brothers Joseph Okpara, Paul Ndubuise, Emmanuel Njuwa and pastor Innocent Iwuala of Bauchi district. Occasionally also Pastor Gideon Udeh of Abuja visited the young church in Jos during the various programs. The church in Jos was then under the Shephardhood of late diocesan pastor, Pastor Erasmus Uruawike of blessed memory.


That group of five persons by 1988, grew to have 3 parishes, which are Jos, Azare and Gombe under Kaduna diocese. By 1990 the church in Jos became a diocese under the leadership of a pastor who was sent from Sokoto on an acting capacity. He was officially made a diocesan pastor by 1993. The church grew and 26 parishes were opened by 1996, by the reason of the expansion of the body of Christ, a new diocesan pastor was sent from Lagos. it was at this period the church experienced a tremendous growth, which led to the transition from township primary school to Based Supreme. It was during this period that the church acquired her first property between 1999 and 2000.


Jos built her first permanent site in the year 2001. Consequently upon that in the year 2007, the churched experienced yet another metamorphosis. It was the arrival of another diocesan pastor fom Abuja, Pastor Yongo Amos. He is still the diocesan pastor…