Daily Archive July 29, 2017

ByAlloysius Emmanuel

The Great Achievers

I charge all the young people whose bones are on fire 4 God not 2 allow the decaying world squeeze you. Let’s raise our banner high for messiah. Heaven is counting on us. Lets run with a true heart that can reach out 2 the lost. Welcome on board to this unlimited platform…To the Great Achievers

ByAlloysius Emmanuel

Back to the Garden by Pastor Amos Yongo (series 3)


I did say that the basic foundation of optimal health is KNOWLEDGE, it is said that knowledge is power. The Bible placed emphasis on wisdom and knowledge, ‘the people that do know their God will be strong and do exploit’. Being strong in faith, health, academics etc, is a function of knowledge, in all your getting, get wisdom and knowledge.
Let’s go to the next in line of knowledge


Today, we are actually ‘going back to the garden’ where the blue print of man’s health was presented. To underscore the importance of nutrition in the overall health and wellness of man whom God had just created and placed in the garden, the first lecture He gave was ‘nutrition 101’.
The first instruction God gave man was on food, ( Gen 1:29 ) it was a deliberate conscious decision. What God was telling man was this, “I am the designer and manufacturer of this machine. Called man, the fuel (food) upon which this machine can run on to function optimally and fulfil my purpose for him is fruits and vegetables”, just like when a product is produced, the manufacturer will include a user or manual guide, warranty for such products is based on appropriate compliance to the guide.
The word food have been so abused that many things that are not near the definition of food have taken the name tag food, when in reality they are poison, ‘foodless food’, killers, etc.
Before you put that thing in your mouth, please stop and ask, ‘is this food or foodless food’.