Daily Archive July 26, 2017

ByAlloysius Emmanuel

Back to the Garden by Pastor Amos Yongo

I am commencing a write up “BACK TO THE GARDEN” .
Keep a date with me as I take you through Bible based principles that will help you make informed decisions that will impact positively on your health.

Take note of the following

  • “Good health begins with being sick and tired of being sick”

    “Good health is a matter of choice”

  • For optimal health, it is better to eat from plants than from manufacturing plants
  • “You are what you eat”
  • ‘Our bodies do not get sick by chance. They are sick because we violate the laws under which the body was designed to operate. The main area that we violate is in the type of fuel (food) we put into the body’
  • ‘ Life begins, is maintained and ends at the cellular level.
  • ” The secret of a live, clean body is live, clean food”

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