If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commands and remain in his love.

Days of Activities

Our fellowship programs are packed with spiritual nutrients capable of transforming the worst of lives and sustaining the believer as he waits for the Lord’s return

Sundays : Sunday Light Fellowship (8.a.m.)

A time of revelation and restoration based on God’s infallible Word

Tuesdays: Charismatic Hour (5.p.m.)

This is a time of the demonstration of the Spirit and power of God

Thursday: Weekly Bible Study (5.p.m.)

A time of in-depth and expository study of the word of God.

Sisters Fellowship (Last Saturdays, Monthly)

This meeting is designed by the Lord as a further means of inculcating into the women-folk (married and unmarried), the conduct of Bible believing women.

House Fellowship

Practical teachings take place in house fellowships and there is room for contributions, questions and answers. It also enable members to meet with individual needs.

Monthly Vigil / Charismatic Month

We invite you to keep in date this event which comes up last Fridays, Monthly and our Charismatic Month a yearly event in the month of June. A unique time of prayers and supplication to speed us up in the second half of every year.

Latest Update

Because of the fact that all God's blessings in whatever form are attached to teaching, preaching and doing His word, fellowshipping together, praying (among other things), we regularly post in daily, inspirational messages and articles that will help you stay connected both physically and spiritually.

ByWccrm Jos Aug 31, 2017

Echoes from youth Week 2017

YOUTH WEEK 2017 Inspirtional Worship Song To God When the people praised the lord Praise have the capacity to execute judgement u

ByAlloysius Emmanuel Jul 29, 2017

The Great Achievers

I charge all the young people whose bones are on fire 4 God not 2 allow the decaying world squeeze you. Let's raise our banner high for messiah.

ByAlloysius Emmanuel Jul 29, 2017

Back to the Garden by Pastor Amos Yongo (series 3)

BACK TO THE GARDEN. I did say that the basic foundation of optimal health is KNOWLEDGE, it is said that knowledge is power. The Bible placed e

ByAlloysius Emmanuel Jul 28, 2017

Back to the Garden by Pastor Amos Yongo (series 2)

BACK TO THE GARDEN. The basic foundation for optimal health is knowledge. Today I am discussing knowledge of God as a basic foundation. Wh